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Invamar is an innovation studio which develops human-centered IoT wearables

by using technology for improving health and well-being inclusively. It's easy.

Positive, humanist, inclusive innovations

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Selected amongst
Most Creative 100 Projects.
Project: Under Construction - Smart Illumination Daily wearable collection.
Project: MeSenseU - IoT wearable that performs neuro-state translation of individuals who have communication difficulties due to any disorder.
Project:  Fabenode - On-Skin data collector textile electrode.
Incubation Winner.

Who We

Positive, humanist, inclusive innovations

Human centered wearables innovation studio-initiative that uses technology to improve health and wellness inclusively which increase the accessibility of technology.



Invamar is established to design and develop positive, humanist & inclusive innovations in the field of IoT and smart textiles. Invamar aims to contribute to future of humanity and planet in a live-centered perspective by using technology.



Studio is formed by a multidisciplined team which comes from fields of design, engineering and science. Team has a R&D experience in cross disciplines. The expertise areas of the team members falls into innovation design and strategy development, wearables product design, electronics - textile - artificial intelligence engineering, human-body & psychology data science. 

Studio gives services under three categories: Innovation Strategies and Product Design, Technology Development and Management, Materials Development with R&D. 


Invamar’s product and service fields are health-wellness, IoT, automotive, aerospace and extreme conditions. To learn more about services, please visit the Disruptive Innovations page.


2020 - MeSenseU Project: A neuro-state translator daily wearable IoT garment for individuals who have communication impairments. MeSenseU was awarded by Worth Partnership Project - EU Commission in 2022. In February 2023, MeSenseU will be launched as an MVP. Patent Pending.


2022 - Fabenode: Daily wearable textile electrode which collects on-skin data 7/24. Fabenode was awarded by Woman in Innovation Program by KADEM in 2022. Fabenode is launched in November 2022. Patent Pending.


Fabenode is a textile-based, multi-purpose sensor compatible, on-skin data collector electrode which is suitable for daily use. As a conductive interface, Fabenode acts like a receiver that collects data in measurements which requires constant skin contact, without causing discomfort to the wearer. Fabenode can be personalized according to the desired final product and produced zero-waste.

Usage Areas of Fabenode are; Health, Wellness, IoT wearables and ecosystem, Automotive, Aviation and Space Technologies.

Data quality of Fabenode is approved by an USA University Research Laboratory in the field of Human-Body Sciences.


MeSenseU is a textile based smart-wearable communication interface that combines neuroscience, AI&e-textiles to translate neuro-states of people who have difficulties with verbal and emotional communication due to any physical, neurological and psychological disorder.

MeSenseU identifies the basic biobehavioral states of user with textile based skin sensors, translate to neuro-state and responses in a clear and holistic way to the outside world for building a communication bridge with user, caregiver, therapist, supporter. It personalizes the user data with artificial intelligence.

What We Do?

How We Do?

Free Introduction Call for Discovery: Would you like to have either a physical or an online coffee with us and discuss about air, water, innovations and technologies and so on? The coffee is on us, the chat is on you :)


Problem Analysis Call

We meet with you to deep dive into the problem/product offer. We collect initial feedback and identify the needs. 


Research Call

We meet with you to discuss the initial research findings and potential solution limitations.


Solution & Project Report Call

We meet with you with the product solution and the project plan to realize this solution. At this step, we propose you an initial plan including the timeline and budget and what is needed to realize the solution.

Initial Road Map Project Package

This package includes three steps which contain understanding the problem, conducting preliminary research, proposing a solution, and finally presenting the project plan of the desired product/solution.

This package contains a fixed price.

 If you are satisfied with the project plan and solution proposal presented in the Initial Road Map Project Package and still would like to continue working with us, the project begins at the given start date and proceeds according to the proposed plan. Regular reporting  and feedback checking is done at Milestones. Finally, it is expected to be completed at the proposed time.



1 / Do you only provide consultancy services to companies?

If you are a self-employed professional with an idea that you want to realize, we would love to work with you as well! :)

2 / What will I get at the end of the Initial Road Map Project Package?

One product proposal, one product realization roadmap, one budget plan and timeline.

3 /What if I don’t like the solution offer? How can I revise it?

The part you would like to revise can be discussed. With the additional tariff, the continuation of the Initial Road Map Project Package either may repeated nor started from beginning as your wish.

What is expected from me as a client?

Please do not hesitate to open-share information with us for the accuracy of solution proposal, product development plan, timeline and project fee package. A Confidentiality Agreement can be made between the parties as your request. All the demands and submission are requested in the written form.

Thanks for submitting!

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